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Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)

The principles of ESD are an essential consideration in the design of today’s buildings, from compliance with mandatory energy efficiency regulations through to developing world leading green initiatives. 

Through analysis of the economic, environmental, and social factors surrounding the everyday decisions in delivering quality buildings, EMF Griffiths are able to provide an outcome that satisfies today’s sustainable responsibilities.  It is now well documented that a good environmental outcome need not result in escalated project costs.  In fact, by its very nature, reducing a building’s resource consumption has a positive effect on the overall life-cycle costing.

Sustainable development is not limited to a building’s effect on its external environment. Promoting good levels of indoor environment quality results in demonstrable improvement on occupant health, satisfaction and well-being. In commercial developments, these factors in turn reduce absenteeism and boost productivity.

Using a range of computer simulation tools, we are able to gain a good insight into how buildings perform. With these techniques, we can quickly explore the effects that alterations made during design development will have on a building’s behavior.

By experimenting with the building envelope design to control factors such as solar gain, we can minimise the building’s ongoing energy consumption as well as enhancing occupant comfort. The most effective means of incorporating these environmental initiatives is early in the concept design phase.

By ensuring a well-designed façade, good levels of internal environmental quality can be achieved as well as reducing running costs, plant capital costs and plantroom spatial requirements.

The basis of any development looking to achieve a good environmental outcome is to take advantage passive reduction of resource consumption. For any given location, the local climate governs what can be achieved passively. Through evaluation of passive ventilation schemes, shading techniques, economy operation and purging, a building can be efficiently integrated into its environment rather than fighting against it.

With our roots in building services engineering, we are able to propose and test mechanical concepts throughout design development to determine the most environmentally effective cool, heat and ventilate our buildings.

EMF Griffiths were Inaugural members of the Green Building Council of Australia. All our team are Green Star Accredited Professionals and NABERS Accredited Assessors. We are also members of the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors.

100 Not out for EMF Griffiths

National Engineering Firm EMF Griffiths has reached the milestone of 100 stars, which is to say, it has worked on projects whose total green star tally is 100.

The Project that put EMF Griffiths over the top was the 5 star Green Star rating for the Ergon Energy building in Rockhampton. The Rockhampton project was the first Green Star awarded in the city, and only the third 5 star As Built (newly built or refurbished) office in Queensland. “We assess the environmental impact of construction practices, resource and consumption, indoor environment quality, land use and ecology, energy, water, transport and environmental emissions,” says EMF director Matt Pontin, MAIRAH.

“We know that a good environmental outcome need not result in escalated project costs. The reduction of a building’s resource consumption has a positive effect on the overall life-cycle costing.”

“Through Passive ventilation, shading techniques and economy operation, a building can integrate into the environment, rather the fighting against it,” Pontin Says “So the future is to think outside the air conditioned box.”



Our mechanical engineers are experienced in all aspects of mechanical building services engineering having worked across sectors from commercial, residential and retail through to healthcare, industrial and data centres. Our approach is versatile to suit each project's particular requirements ranging from tried and tested conventional design through to innovative chilled beams in some of Australia's largest buildings.

Our engineers are trained and qualified in the use of CAMEL, BEAVER, and IES (Virtual Environment).



We are accredited Energex Design Consultants for South East Queensland and accredited Level 3 Design Consultants for New South Wales. Our Engineers are qualified for Energex and Country Energy standards for the design of underground electrical reticulation of estates.



We have in-house specialty lighting expertise. Our projects have included hotel and retail projects.





We provide high level analysis of fire engineering issues to give cost effective alternative solutions to the BCA for both active and passive fire systems.




We offer a full range of hydraulic services including the design of sanitary plumbing and drainage, stormwater drainage, trade waste drainage, hot and cold water supply, rainwater harvesting and re-use, natural or LP gas reticulation and fire hydrant and fire hose reel systems. Our hydraulic team has extensive experience in residential, industrial, commercial, retail, health care and education sectors. We strive to provide project-specific solutions whilst maintaining a focus on delivering a design that is simple yet functional.


Vertical Transportation

We have a specialist lift engineer with over 20 years experience in designing building transportation systems. Via correct traffic analysis and simulation, the elevator system can be designed to minimise both core area and cost while providing exceptional passenger service. For an existing building, this should be used to check the system against existing or future traffic profiles and a modernisation plan devised.



Design and Construction

We provide high level design analysis and constructability solutions which support engineered outcomes of a very high quality. This experience in Project and Contract Management assists in the D & C process.