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Visit Griffy the EMF dog and check out the competition entry photo

To enter a photo please email it to gcmail@emf.com.au


EMF Competition 2011-2012 Winners

Congratulations to this year’s competition winners!  First place prize of $500 went to Colin from ADCO with his photo from Las Vegas, Second prize of $250 went to Lisa in Sri Lanka and the Griffy Prize went To Tania for $800 Spotting Griffy on the Australian Story (ABC TV Show).  Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck for next year’s competition.

1st Colin from ADCO in Las Vegas2nd Lisa in Sri Lanka











 The Griffy Prize went to Tania Spotting Griffy on Australian Story (ABC TV show)

One of our other Entries in Hong Kong


EMF Competition 2010-2011 Winners!

Congratulations to all those who participated in the Competition this year! The jet setting lifestyles made the decision very difficult indeed. First place for 2011 goes to Mario for his incredible photo with the EMF Bag in North Slovakia. You have certainly upped the ante for next years competition! Get your entries in early!

1st - $750

 2nd - $2503rd - $250

4th - $250

 5th - $200


EMF Competition 2012-2013

Our competition is open to all EMF Staff, Friends and Clients.

We are offering a magnificent prize for the best photo, featuring the EMF Bag in a renowned or prominent location. 

Prizes will be awarded for the best location or achieving the greatest publicity.  Distatesful or obsene entries will not be accepted.  Avoid damage to private property; if you are caught it will be your responsibility.

Email your entries to gcmail@emf.com.au with "EMF photo comptetition" in the subject line by 31/01/13.

Good luck and enter as many times as you like.


Check out the entry submissions on Griffy the EMF dogs facebook page.  Just folow the facebook link on the right hand side of the site.

Click Here For Entries

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EMF News!

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